AUDIOCAST: Total Health Makeover with Marilu Henner

By Marilu Henner
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Marilu Henner, star of 'Taxi' and 'Evening Shade,' will discuss her new book, 'Marilu Henner's Total Health Makeover,' in this special WebMD audiocast event.

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Event_Moderator Marilu Henner is our guest today and she has a lot of great information to share with us. She shows how you can achieve optimum well-being and longevity with her unique ten-step B.E.S.T (Balance, Energy, Stamina, Toxin-free).WebMD Live. Today we will be discussing a Total Health Makeover" with actress Marilu Henner. Marilu has starred onstage, in several hit TV series, film, commercials, television movies and variety specials. She has also co-starred with some of Hollywood's leading men and worked with some of the best directors in Hollywood and on Broadway. She believes that with good health one can do it all. welcome to WebMD Live.

M_Henner Thank you for having me. I love talking about the subject and I love on-line chats so this is going to be a good morning.

Event_Moderator Marilu, there are a lot of your fans online this morning. Could you tell us about your acting?

M_Henner I grew up in Chicago and singing and dancing. I was lucky enough to know somebody who wrote the Broadway musical Grease and I went to NY and auditioned for it. That's what started my professional acting career. I did 5 Broadway shows, 25 movies. I've written five books but my finest production is being the mother of my two little boys, Nicky and Joey. I think because I take such good care of myself, my health, I've been into good health for 21 years now after my mom passed away of arthritis and my father died of a heart attack. I became interested and obsessed with trying to figure out what I could do for my health and just over the years developed a program that has worked for me. It took me 8 years to figure it out and 13 years of living it. I think if I didn't take care of myself the way I do, I wouldn't be able to live the life I live. I'm not much of a sleeper and I'm able to get a lot done.

Event_Moderator What inspired you to write "Marilu Henner's Total Health Makeover?"

M_Henner The death of my parents is what got me into health and after figuring out what was working for me, my friends came to me for advice. One of my friends was a book publisher and she said to me, "You're the only person I know who never gets sick. You eat well. I think you should share some of these health habits with the rest of the world and I think you should write a book". It was something I had been practicing for a long time. I was a teenage yo-yo dieter. I had ballooned up at one time. I'm 5'7". I'm very small boned and that kind of weight was way too much for me. After my father died, I found myself putting on a lot of weight because I was eating my feelings. It was really hard to take that weight off. My health habits were terrible. I wasn't exercising at that time. It was easy to feel sick and unhealthy. I experimented with diets but after my mother died, I said, it's not about my diet anymore. It's really about my health. I read everything I could get my hands on. I studied the human body, the kind of teeth, the kind of tongue, digestive enzymes and I experimented with the different information we have. I came up with the program that worked for me. I never think of it as a diet. I've been able to live it whether I'm traveling or pregnant. I was breastfeeding and ate the same way. No matter what I'm doing, I live this lifestyle all the time. I walk my talk.

I started paying attention to chemicals in food. Now it's easier because before they didn't print out ingredients. The chemicals in your food: More whole foods. Nutrasweet, all of the preservatives are the worse for you. All the dyes and the chemistry that we have in there. I always say if it takes a paragraph to describe it, it's usually not real, ...or if it says continued on the next can. I'm more interested in eating real food. The second step: caffeine and smoking. I paid attention to that and worked on getting rid of the caffeine. You take one step and you feel better. Sugar, refined, white which I think is kiddy cocaine. I feel that this country has a conspiracy to get you to eat sugar. Every treat in school involves sugar and we wonder why we have hyperactive children and obesity problems. Same with red meat. I didn't want sugar anymore and I didn't want red meat because they're compatible. You want something sweet to balance salty. Dairy products, I think, are my real crusade. Once I gave up dairy products, my whole body changed. My skin and digestion changed. I lost the most weight. All dairy is supposed to do is turn a calf into a 300 pound cow in six months. That's why people look so bovine. You see it in people's faces. When you give up dairy products, you find cheekbones that you didn't know you had. I always had respiratory problems. Once I gave up dairy products, it was amazing how much that changed for me, my breathing changed.

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