Child Development and Music (cont.)

Moderator: Can you suggest three to four easy ways in which music can be integrated into the modern family to maintain wellness, motivation and inspiration?

Campbell: Yes. Wake up to good music in the morning. Bright, fresh, even a little Eine Kleine Nacht musik ("a little night music" is the translation) for waking up at breakfast is wonderful. Musical time for creativity, drawing and naptime. I have an album called "Relax, Daydream and Draw." Perfect for that afternoon slow-down time. Music in the car, and then one special album that the parent and child choose together for three or four months at a time, this album is the nighttime album. It's played when the lights go down, when we put our pajamas on; it's low in the background with nighttime stories. That music is an indication that it's time to sleep. I have an album called "nighty-night" for babies. Modify with the environment, what the child likes, and select from your own CDs. In more daytime practicality, something that's very helpful to a young child learning to read is reading to them with a slow constant beat in the background. Tapping in the background helps a child find a place for words.

Moderator: What are you currently working on?

Campbell: I will be all over America in the next three months giving workshops and demonstrations, and helping parents find ways to practically use music to bring harmony to their lives. Check my website at for my upcoming events in New York, Phoenix, Toronto, Minneapolis, Portland, OR, San Diego, San Antonia, Austin, and Vancouver and many other places. There is a comprehensive list on my website.

Moderator: We are almost out of time. Before we say goodbye, is there anything you would like to add on the subject?

Campbell: Just remember that music helps before and after surgery. It can reduce pain, and music is more than we ever believed possible, as a tool for learning. Support your local symphony orchestras, and there is evidence that music helps grow the mind and body. That's the use of the Mozart Effect. Don't let it slip from your schools, and don't let a song be forgotten to pass from your lips. Keep tuned in, and tuned up.

Moderator: Unfortunately we are out of time. Thank you very much for joining us this morning Mr. Campbell. It's been a pleasure having you on WebMD Live. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise. Mr. Campbell's book, The Mozart Effect for Children, is available online at Barnes and Noble or at your local bookstores. Thanks everyone and have a great afternoon.

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