Pilates Body Conditioning Techniques (cont.)

sejordan_webmd: What kind of other physical activities do you do besides Pilates? Lots of cardio? Weight training?

Siler: I think, negating the aesthetic, I've never felt better ever from exercising than I did after beginning Pilates. I also do horseback riding and I'm active. If it's ski season, I ski. If I'm near water, I swim. I like to move. I don't run anymore because I found it too hard on my joints. But, I train many runners and if that's what your passion is, don't leave your passion. Just learn how to move your body correctly and you'll enjoy whatever your activity or sport of preference is.

sejordan_webmd: When you added Pilates to your life, did you change eating habits as well? What kinds of changes did you make?

Siler: I chose to at the time. But my passion is dark chocolate and still is. (LOL) And there is nothing better than being able to allow myself my indulgences without guilt. And that is a beautiful thing. I think, more importantly, the same way with exercise, to feel what you're doing is the same with food. If you feel good from what you're eating, if you feel that's a food that makes you feel good and gives you energy then eat it, because that's what food is for. I think it's important for people to trust their instincts. Not across the board, though. There are foods that happen to be better for me than they are for you and foods that you can eat that I wouldn't go near. That's personal responsibility.

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