Fitness: Simple Run/Walk Fitness for Busy People (cont.)

Moderator: Why should people run and walk instead of just one or the other?

Ward: Doing both allows you the flexibility to run, to walk and to run/walk. For those people who train for a marathon and train only for running, if they have to stop at the end and drink water, it's hard to get started up again. But by training this way, your body is more conditioned to do that. When you actually complete a road race, you don't have to walk, you can do both. If you do need to walk, it allows you to keep going. Sometimes my clients prefer to do a race and walk up every hill and save that energy, so that then they get to the top of the hill, they can begin running again. And it's just a matter of personal preference. But many of my runners who were not believers in taking walk breaks who tried it, found that they often got better finishing times at the races. By taking the walk breaks, it enabled their running intervals to be stronger. It happened with myself. My final words would be, right now is your tomorrow. Get out there and do it and stick with it and give it a chance, and you will see that getting in shape is not that difficult.

Moderator: What is the name of your book?

Ward: The name of the book is Just Cruising, Simple Fitness for Busy People. The web site is 

Moderator: Sue, thank you for joining us. 

Ward: Thank you, my pleasure.

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