Sibling Rivalry: Truth About the Family Favorite (cont.)

It takes a long time, but you'd be surprised that when I inform parents about how to change over their children's personalities, say a child is rebellious and the parents change their feelings and attitudes towards their children, sometimes the change over in the child is from night to day within a 24-hour period. Once people are adults it's harder, but with children it's sometimes a breeze and comes so naturally.

Moderator: What should parents NEVER do?

Dr. Rabie-Azoory: They should never talk about favoritism as a real issue for themselves with their children. They should never tell their children that they actually are closer with one child than the other. I actually heard one so-called expert being interviewed who said that if one child says that "you don't love me enough," you say to them, "well, it just happens that I get along better with your sibling." Those are hot, hot coals. The other precautionary note I'd say is never to tell them that you're favoring one over the other. Never tell one that you favor the other and be as impartial as you possibly can be.

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