Sex: How Couples Can Communicate Their Needs (cont.)

Moderator: And the best methods for oral sex?

Dr. Cadell: In my book, The Stock Market Orgasm I have 30 techniques for men to give oral sex to a woman, and 30 ways for women to give oral sex to a man. For a man it's to do the alphabet with his tongue on her vulva, which is the external part of the vagina and this way, she will have stimulation everywhere, not just on the clitoris.

Moderator: Do women ever make mistakes when trying to please men?

Dr. Cadell: Women make lots of mistakes. Absolutely. The most common mistake is that women don't use enough pressure, because they touch a man the way they want to be touched. Men want a firmer grasp from women. They want a woman to also make love to their entire body and one mistake that women make during oral love is they ignore the man's testicles and that's a big mistake. Men's testicles are part of their penis. The most erotic organ is the mind and to keep a relationship alive, be spontaneous and do things out of character to surprise your lover every now and again.

Moderator: Thank you for joining us, Dr. Cadell. We would love to have you back on the show. Please tune in every Friday here in the Sexual Health Auditorium at 9 pm EDT (6 pm PDT).

Dr. Cadell: For more love tips and sexual information on the G-Spot and anything else: and if you want to talk to me on the radio, you can listen to my show on Sunday night when I'll be interviewing Mr. Larry Flynt on 97.1 FM from 10 to 11 pm in Los Angeles. Thank you.

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