Cancer Survival and Attitude with Hamilton Jordan (cont.)

Hamilton Jordan: Just don't give up. Be active in your own medical care. The goal is to stay alive long enough that if you have something that's difficult to cure, a lot of things are right around the corner. My daughter has juvenile diabetes, and I'm absolutely convinced in the next three to five years there will be a cure for that. Even if you have a brain or lung tumor, one of the cancers that are tough to get rid of, the goal is to fight it and hang around long enough for one of these young scientists to come up with a cure. That is happening every day. Don't give up.

Moderator: Thank you for your time, Mr. Jordan. Our guest this evening was Hamilton Jordan, author of "No Such Thing as a Bad Day." Jordan is a three-time cancer survivor and former Carter White House Chief-of-Staff. We have been discussing his personal battle with cancer.

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