Reduce Stress Through Simple Relaxation Techniques (cont.)

Moderator: Can a pregnant woman practice yoga?

Zeer: Again, there are many books directly available for women who are pregnant to practice yoga. The benefit is very, very large. No pun intended. Of course, we are all aware of when women become pregnant their hips, abdomen, go through a transformation, and so many people close to me have mentioned ailments -- lower back pain, hip pain, and many others. And yoga is the most effective way to relieve such pain, to offer help to such pain. The one thing for women who are pregnant, or anyone with an injury, is that you must do the stretches slowly. You have to find the right teachers and the right style that will not push your bodies. Trust yourself and look and you will find what you need. And if you are in a class and it feels too advanced, immediately stop. There are many classes that will be appropriate for you, you need to find them.

Moderator: Exactly how does yoga reduce pain?

Zeer: Now, because I am not a doctor, I will not go into the physiological explanations, but if you think from a simple standpoint, often physical and mental pain or stress, sometimes tightness, these can go together. Yoga is about opening up, releasing. If your neck is sore, most likely it is tight. Whether it is from a specific injury or your body tightening to protect around the pain, yoga will immediately help to relieve the muscle tightness. And simply by doing that, you are helping relieve some of the pain. Again, you must do the stretches slowly and breathe. Be very focused, and this will provide you with the best benefit.

Moderator: How did you come up with the idea to write Office Yoga?

Zeer: Like I said at the beginning, I have had thousands of clients, and sometimes I feel like a fly on the wall. I work with doctors, some actors, housewives, politicians, corporate executives, truck drivers, many different areas. I can see our lives are stressful. I desperately want to provide a very fun, simple solution. Now what I have is just a book. It's going to be on your shoulders to try the stretches, to read the book. I honestly believe if you give it a try, it can provide some help with stress and different physical tightness.

Moderator: As we near the end of our time today, do you have any final thoughts that you would like to share with us?

Zeer: Whoever has come for this hour, I am very grateful to have this time to share. I wish it were longer. If you buy my book or not, it's okay with me. The main thing I would like to offer is an invitation that when you get out your calendars, to write down your important meetings for your work and home life, that you also mark out times for yourself. Whether that means going for a walk, taking a walk, trying the email meditation, or the before the meeting stretch. Whatever it is, you should mark out time for yourself. When you are thinking of crossing that time out, don't. Keep that time. If you do take more time for yourself throughout the day, your life will be more peaceful, calm and enjoyable.

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