How Everyone Can Reduce Stress Through Simple Relaxation Techniques for Home and Office

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Darrin Zeer, author of 'Office Yoga, Simple Stretches for Busy People,' will discuss ways that you can manage a stressful lifestyle though simple relaxation techniques.

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Moderator: Darrin Zeer lived in Asia for several years and studied different forms of yoga in Nepal, India, and Japan. Now based in Southern California, he lectures and leads workshops teaching others how to lead simpler, healthier, more peaceful lives.

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Mr. Zeer, welcome to WebMD Live.

Zeer: I'd like to speak to you about my experiences and travel. I'd like to talk to you about my book. I realize that most of you have not read Office Yoga, and if you'd like to check it out, you can come to my web page,

Let's begin. I'd like to start by sharing a story.. I was driving to my work, and the car in front of me was cut off very slowly by a large, old ice cream truck. On the side of the truck, there was a giant smiling clown. Now, there was no risk of a car accident, but I observed the vehicle in front of me -- he looked like an ordinary man, like myself and many of you. And I watched him as he became very very stressed. He shook his head for about two minutes, and had his hand on the horn. And I could feel how stressed out he had become from this situation, and it reminded me, in my own life, and I'm sure in many of your lives, that stress comes into our lives many times throughout the day. And what I observed with this man in the vehicle in front of me was that he decided to react. And his decision really was to suffer a great deal, and perhaps he didn't have to honk his horn. So there's my story. What I would like to do with all of you is, during this hour, have a look into your lives and see the very many situations that occur.

Now I said to you that I'm an author of the book Office Yoga, and the book is about doing simple stretches at home and at your work. But really I'm using yoga as a tool. My main issue, my main interest, my life's work is about stress, and how it affects all of us. Perhaps all of you right now feel relaxed, but I know as I have observed that there are so many things throughout the day that give us a lot of stress and I like to think of stress as often suffering. So I'm looking at stress from the negative standpoint. Feel free to share observations and different things about your own personal lives.

Moderator: Does your book actually contain yoga techniques that I can use at work?

Zeer: Yes. There are about 75 simple, very entertaining stretches that you can use at your desk, in the elevator, before meetings. Let me give you some of the subtitles to give you an idea. I have one page called the "Email Meditation." I also have "Yoga in Bed," and "Yoga for Couch Potatoes." I realize these titles are whimsical. They come from the ancient tradition that started over 5000 years ago in India. I'm calling them very simple names such as "close the deal warrior pose" so people are more invited to try them.

Moderator: I've heard of yoga philosophy. Is this the same as the exercise?

Zeer: The philosophy of yoga comes from India. It's a very large, engrossing area, covering all of life. Yoga stretching and meditation is only a small part of yoga. The stretching is actually called asana. So my book is devoted mostly to stretching and meditation. I provide many inspiring quotes, and also many ideas on living a more peaceful life.

Moderator: Could you explain the proper breathing and posture in practicing techniques such as email meditation, yoga in bed, etc.?

Zeer: I know that everyone knows many many stretches. The key point in my book and I believe in yoga, is to stretch consciously, to step out of your busy life for 20 seconds or an hour, and do the stretches slowly, breathing into your body deeply, and using your breath to go deeper into the stretches. I have a saying, "If pain, no gain." One thing I would like to add is especially with my book and when you're at work, to simply flip to a page and if you have only 20 seconds, try the stretch on that page. Take your time.

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