Discussing the aging process for women with Jane Harrison-Hohner R.N., R.N.P.

By Jane Harrison-Hohner
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Jane Harrison-Hohner R.N., R.N.P. joins us for a discussion on what to expect as your body and mind age. The process, the pitfalls and the peaks.

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Moderator: Welcome to WebMD Live. Today's discussion is on the Aging Process for Women, with Jane Harrison-Hohner. Harrison-Hohner, RN, RNP, is a nurse practitioner who has worked as a women's health care specialist for 15 years. Today she will discuss what occurs as the body and mind age -- both pitfalls and peaks.

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Moderator: Hello and welcome, Jane, to the program it's a pleasure having you here with us

Harrison-Hohner: Good day, everyone.

While we are waiting for other questions to be asked, let's begin with some questions already received about treatment options for female urinary incontinence. One woman has asked about Detrol, the heavily advertised treatment for incontinence. As the sufferer of urinary incontinence, perhaps the most important thing you can do is to get a correct diagnosis. We know 15 to 30 percent of older women who are not in nursing homes or other facilities have incontinence. But did you know that incontinence is a problem for 9.5 percnet of younger women aged 15-35?! This is a common problem for many women and, too often, they delay getting a correct diagnosis.

The most common type of incontinence is stress incontinence (SI). The symptoms of SI are a loss of urine with coughing, laughing, sneezing, lifting a heavy object, anything that increases pressure waves transmitted down through the abdomen. Causes for SI can be things like having a number of vaginal births, being post partum, having a prolonged second stage of labor ("pushing"). Some women who have never had these common risk factors get SI, often with the hormonal changes that cause a lower estrogen level (e.g., menopause, breastfeeding). SI can be treated by the woman herself using the Kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles around the bladder neck.

Moderator: What about for the younger women who haven't experienced births and have urinary incontinence (sudden feeling of having to urinate)?

Harrison-Hohner: Moderator, what you are describing is the second most common type of incontinence -- called detrussor instability (DI). While SI is an anatomical or structural problem -- the neck of the bladder loses it's angle so the urine runs out easily, DI is more of a neurological problem, like overactive bladder, or spastic bladder, as some women describe it. Instead of being triggered by cough/laugh/sneeze, DI happens when the bladder starts to contract inappropriately, for example, when you start to wet yourself while you are trying to get to the bathroom or are trying to get your pants down.. Some women report this sudden urge to void as soon as they are at the front door of their house trying to get the key into the lock! In some ways, DI is worse to have because you may not have a warning like knowing when you are going to sneeze, so you cross your legs! DI can be treated by a trial of "freeze and squeeze." Stop. Pull up tightly on the vaginal opening muscles. While this technique helps SI by trying to re-establish a less open exit for the urine, for DI, this technique stops errant bladder contractions, too.

DebbieDavis_WebMD: I am 32 and I think I have DI. It happens randomly, like if I'm in a movie and I worry about having to get up and go, sure enough, within a little while, I'll feel like I have to. It seems like it's psychological.

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