Tennis Injuries: Recovery (cont.)

Moderator: Any hot weather tips?

Jarosz: As far as heat is concerned, drink often, even if it's just sips between changeovers, it's important. Wearing light colored clothing is also good. Between changeovers, getting in the shade to cool down is important.

Moderator: Well, our time is about up. Do you have any final comments?

Jarosz: When I work with tennis players from a teaching standpoint, I'll focus a lot on footwork. The reason I do that is because if you think of the body as a linked chain, the feet are the first link in the chain. So if you're not properly set to hit your shot, another link in that chain has to compensate. Oftentimes that causes increased stress to that area, and can eventually lead to injury. The shoulder and the elbow are the later links in the chain. That's why they are often the main areas of tennis injury. Thank you for all the questions.

Moderator: Good night all! Our guest has been Jane Jarosz, PT.

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