Adoption: Are You Considering? (cont.)

Moderator: Another emailed question: What types of medical problems are looked for during the adoption process on the part of the adoptive parents? WebMD Nickname: Pair_o_green

Blied: If you are asking about the medical health of the adopting parents, my reply is that they will be required to have a physical as part of their adoption home study. Any significant health issues would be discussed with them and maybe even disclosed to the birth mother before she consents to the adoption. Honesty is the best policy in this regard.

saralg_WebMD: What is your opinion on the recent legislation passed in Oregon on adoptive children having access to their birth certificates?

Blied: The whole issue of "opening up confidential adoption records" is a hot topic. Oregon is a state where this recently happened. California, and many other states, still maintain the confidentialiy of adoptive records, including the original birth certificate. Remember, in an open adoption setting, a great deal of information is exchanged between the parties. So it is really not an issue in open adoption settings. The adoptive child will have all of the birthparent information available to them at the appropriate age.

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Blied: In closing, I suggest that you explore the world of adoption further. In addition to the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys (, you can check out a variety of sources on line!

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