Aging: Attitude Toward Aging with Marsha Hunt (cont.)

Moderator: What was the last movie you saw?

Hunt: As a member of the Academy, we nominate and vote on Oscar winners... and we're sent videos. It was The Winslow Boy, and that's a beautiful film. It's a film version of a very fine play; it's literate and beautifully constructed. There isn't a single murder, no four-letter words, no car crashes... and there are such things, there aren't just enough of them.

Moderator: My grandmother is constantly depressed. Any advice on how to pick her up?

Hunt: That's hard -- depression can be caused by the events of one life, the limitations of one's own outlook, or even a chemical imbalance. I knew a wonderfully gifted writer, who was great fun, who went through a period of great depression... and he learned there was something in his system out of balance, and by taking medication, he bounced back to be the cheerful fellow we always knew. Don't give up; if she's cared about and shown things of beauty and interest, that maybe she'll respond to them. I hope so. It's so awesome to learn how large that audience must be, that I just want to say that its really, literally, a thrill to realize that whatever thoughts come tumbling out this way, unrehearsed and unplanned, that they can reach that far. Isn't it wonderful that the world is shrinking and we can all keep in touch with each other? I hope everyone finds it rewarding, because it is one planet. I love being in it, and I hope my friends out there enjoy their time in this world, as much as I've been blessed.

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