Soy for Health with Lila Ojeda, R.D. (cont.)

Moderator: The tofu remains uncooked for the sandwiches?

Ojeda: Actually, tofu is cooked when you buy it. You can eat it as is, but I always cook it and add a sauce because it tastes better and will soak up any flavor. I soak the tofu in a sauce I like and then you can grill on the stove (both sides) in a pan coated with nonstick cooking spray, or bake it in the oven for 30-45 minutes.

Moderator: Does soy have any other benefits that we have yet to discuss?

Ojeda: Be sure to slice it first. I don't reheat it for the sandwiches, you can do hot tofu sandwiches if you wish, or cold. Avocado slices taste great with a little salsa or whatever.

We pretty much covered all of them. some of the less proven ones are decreasing blood pressure, increasing immunity, decreasing kidney disease (probably because it's not so tough of a protein to process) and possible other cancers: colon and lung.

Moderator: Anybody have any questions for Lila?

Moderator: Well, the hour is about up. Any great soy tips?

Ojeda: Asians have: fewer heart attacks, less breast cancer, prostate cancer, hip fractures and hot flashes (oh ya, it helps decrease menopausal symptoms apparently), but all of this can't necessarily be contributed to their soy intake. Have fun with soy: explore. There are TONS of products out there. Remember, soy doesn't have to mean tofu. That is just one type of soy products out there! There are yummy Genisoy bars that contain 14 grams of soy protein. That might be a good place to start. Then you'll realize just how much is out there to find!

Moderator: Thank you Lila! That was great!

Ojeda: Thank you so much! Hope you all learned something about the joy of soy!

Moderator: And thank you members for your questions!

Ojeda: Good night!

Moderator: Good night.

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