Cancer Patients Need Proper Diet and Exercise (cont.)

A couple pieces of information -- supporting this view, there was an experiment that went on genetic and environmental factors on prostate cancer, and they did a 5 year study of Asian men, and notes they had lower instances of prostate cancer and benign prostatic cancer. Most of the men who were vegetarian also had lower instances of prostate cancer. And across the board, they said that probably this was because both the Asian men and the vegetarians had diets that had huge amounts of those phytochemicals we talked about. They felt this was a commonality this group had. In addition to that, if we talk about reviews in GI cancers, most people who are involved in cancer therapy of the GI tract believe that obesity has a profound impact of developing colorectal adenoma, and general cancers of the GI tract. So I'm not just citing one piece of research, but I'm indicating there are numbers of research projects going on, and they're coming up with the same evidence. I'm not suggesting that one engage in strange, alternative therapies to deal with this, or one engage in strange cultural recommendations that don't really pervade our culture... I'm simply saying that we can make simple modifications and changes in our lifestyle to seriously impact what's going on in our environment around us. Our children are being exposed to processed foods, high calorie foods, high sodium foods, allergens and environmental issues that we didn't get exposed to until we were adults. They're getting exposed to it at very young ages, and I wouldn't be surprised if we saw some cancers show up much earlier in this population of youth.

Moderator: What are some good methods to lift the spirits of children with cancer?

Hendel: I had a daughter who had a serious problem with motion illness, and she was open to biofeedback, and with a small introduction, she was able to take charge of an issue quite overwhelming for her. So I think children are a population who don't have preconceived notions or our prejudices, and if we introduce them to soy, exercise that's fun, meditation, guided imagery, I think that on a whole, they are readily willing to embrace these things as long as we don't introduce them with prejudice. A lot of the hospitals around the world do animal therapy, clowns, and certainly music has a profound impact on children on how they view life and illness. But we have to start the message to them with a really young age, and if they see mom and dad going out and trying exercise, trying new foods, and see supports coming from their adult models, I think on the whole, kids are really quite amiable to trying new things and listening to suggestions.

Just to give you a little background on my exercise history, I'm currently 40 years old and have been a personal trainer for almost 15 years, but its only recently that I went back to teaching classes. One of the many reasons I went back was to prove to myself that at 40, I could do it. I lead a very healthy lifestyle, and practice what I preach. I felt so many individuals out there as baby boomers, who are potentiating at this point... Katie Couric with her husband's battle with colon cancer. I think of her as a role model. My business has always reflected those principles of leading a healthy lifestyle. So many of the clients are average housewives, and stay at home moms, but because I have a medical background, I'm able to see more complicated individuals. I have people who come to me who have been diagnosed with cancer, or post-cancer therapy, and want to get their energy levels back, so my practice revolves quite significantly around individuals who have been sick or have the potential to get sick. I run Body Jam in Encino, California and we teach boot camp classes which are resistance training to music; they're somewhat aerobic in nature, and we get varying age groups. And people basically do it at their own pace, but it's a nice way to come in to a social environment, and do exercise that's going to benefit you. So that's been something I recently engaged in and am having a lot of fun with it.

But I went to get out the word that if I can teach classes at 40, its not asking too much of anybody to pick up some exercise and do it. You don't have to do something structured; it can be as simple as going for a walk. Pick something you love to do and do it because it is a deterrent down the road for diseases.

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