Nutrition Month: Small Lifestyle Changes Work (cont.)

Moderator: How long does it normally take to notice the difference once a small change has been made?

Borra: That's the biggest challenge. It's the cumulative effect over a period of time that you will notice rather than noticing an immediate difference.

RetroUltraModern_WebMD: Can a smoothie ever be a good meal replacement?

Borra: Smoothie is a fine complement. Most are fruit and milk so that is a good representation of 2 food groups, but probably not a good meal replacement.

RetroUltraModern_WebMD: I have heard that people should try to eat five fruits and vegetables every day. Do they mean five servings combined or five of each?

Borra: At least five servings of both combined. Servings are an extremely important part a diet. For example, a serving of a fruit or vegetable is about the size of a small fist. A serving of muffin would be the size of one large egg, a baked potato -- the size of a computer mouse. A serving of peanut butter is the size of a golf ball. The serving for a pancake or waffle is a 4 inch CD. Now the serving guidelines... Grains 6-11 servings... Fruits and vegetables 5 servings combined... Meat two 2-3 ounce servings of cooked meat... nuts and beans also count... Milk 2-3 servings... The fats, oils, and sweets are moderate in your diet... there is no guideline... eat them in moderation.

Ellafit_WebMD: How many calories a day should the normal, fit person be eating?

Borra: If you get scientific, a reference person, so to speak, it is about 2000 for women and about 2500 for men.

Moderator: Are vitamins a good counter to poor eating habits?

Moderator: That's why they're called vitamin supplements. Vitamins they should supplement a diet, not replace it. Vitamins should supplement one's diet, not replace it or be an excuse for a poor diet.

Morris71_Lycos: I would like to lose some weight. Is changing eating habits enough?

Borra: No. Do the full equation. Reduce calorie intake and increase physical activity.

Moderator: What is the International Food Information Council doing to promote healthy lifestyle change?

Borra: We're a non-profit that communicates the topics of nutrition and food safety. Please visit our website at

Moderator: Thank you for being with us this evening, Ms. Borra!

Borra: Thank you for having me!

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