Skin: Taking Care of Aging Skin with Diane Young (cont.)

Moderator: Do you see a lot of botched cosmetic surgeries that you have to correct?

Dr. Young: Here's what I would say about cosmetic surgery: The most important thing is going to a doctor that is licensed and participates in medical accreditation. A doctor that is board-certified in their specialty. Problems arise when people go outside their area of expertise; getting to the right doctor is important.

Dr. Young: Next is the quality of the skin. We work with many plastic surgeons who tell us, other than the skill of the physician, the next most important thing is skin that is in good condition, protected from the sun, exfoliated. The quality of the skin is crucial to that result.

Dr. Young: Yes, first of all, most problems can be corrected. That's the good news.

Moderator: Can you help someone who's had a bad surgery?

Dr. Young: A salon can help cover discoloration from healing incisions, and if someone is unhappy with the results of a dermatological procedure, in most cases they just need to wait and let nature take its course.

Dr. Young: Most of the complaints we get is that women's expectations are unrealistic, and they don't wait to see the proper results of the surgery. It can take months and months to see the actual results.

sundown218_WebMD I'm pretty clear now on my daytime skin routine, but what do you recommend for make-up removal and bedtime?

Dr. Young: Cleaning, day or night. A product must be water-soluble, it must foam, and it should leave no film. After you towel dry your face, there should be no make-up residue on the towel. It should come clean. If your face feels tight and drawn, you have used a product that is too strong and inappropriate for your skin type.

Dr. Young: What should you do at night? Night is a time when your body is slowing down, healing and repairing. You want to give your skin a "treatment". It can come in many forms. Maybe a serum, a concentrated booster-type product, or perhaps use a heavier product than for daytime. Heavier sometimes means more oil, or loaded with more reparative ingredients. It can be a product that is more treatment-oriented than just protective. I'm going to recommend a product of ours that's not available yet; it will be in about two months. It's called "Awaken Younger" and it contains an ingredient called centella asiatica. That's a Chinese herb that is actually combined with banana; the flower of the banana plant. These two have clinical studies that prove they decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles and firm the skin.

Dr. Young: We have a very concentrated creme. It has something called "heavy water". It's found in greater concentrations at the bottom of saline lakes. It holds hydration on the skin better than anything else. It's concentrated water, so it holds itself and other ingredients on the skin longer and better. Call 1-800-Stay Young or on the web, The product will be available at my salon.

sundown218_WebMD Are astringents too strong? They seem to "tingle" sometimes.

Dr. Young: I don't believe in toners. We used to need them when we used cold cream and cleansers that left an oily, greasy residue. We used to say that we needed toner or astringent to complete the process. We would wipe over the face in an effort to remove the residue of the product. We also needed them to restore the ph after cleansing, because many would over clean, and we had to sort of bring the acid back. That's not necessary today. With today's products, you can clean the skin without particularly harming the skin; cleansers and toners can be used to prepare the skin for moisturization.

Dr. Young: An example of this new category of "toners": If your skin is sensitive you can use a water-based toner that will have calming and soothing ingredients, like aloe vera that will calm your skin, and help hold in moisture. It becomes a water phase on your skin and it has calming ingredients. The product should not contain alcohol, but there are all kinds of ingredients that will prevent breakouts.

Dr. Young: If your skin is dry, there are moisturizing ingredients that can be applied. This category is not an astringent, not a toner per se. No one should be using alcohol or astringents that tingle, it's detrimental to the skin.

You have great control over the aging of your skin. Little things add up to big results. Inform yourself. There are many websites that give free information. Take action!

Moderator: Thank you for joining us, Diane.

Dr. Young: Thank you, it was my pleasure!

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