Body for Life: Weeks to Mental & Physical Strength (cont.)

simply_Ryan_WebMD Bill, thanks to you, myself and tens of thousands of people all over the planet have improved their lives. You know what effect (inside and out) you have had on us, what have we done for you?

Phillips: What have you done for me? Good heavens! Where can I start .... Well, you and all of the other great people who have supported the Body-for-Life mission have already raised over $2 million dollars for the Make-A-Wish Foundation; helped grant the wishes of over 5,000 children and their families who face some of the most difficult days you and I could ever imagine. And, not only have you and the other supporters of my work helped with that, you and the 77,311 others who've completed the program have become inspirational role models -- leaders in your families, in the work place, and in your communities ... you've inspired more people than you probably even know -- and, of course you've inspired me. Thank you, thank you!

karinfrost_WebMD A bit ago you mentioned that some of the Champions will be on the Donny & Marie show. I happen to work on the same studio lot and as I am doing the current Challenge, would love to see the show and meet them. Is there a date for the taping? No date as of this time. But, watch for show ticket information if and when we decide to do that show.

keltin_WebMD What is the single most common theme in past champions that has been their guiding light in their success?

Phillips: Boy is that a great question! What is it about those grand champions -- that people like Porter Freeman, and Lynne and Jeff and Mary Queen and Tom and all the others ... that have allowed them to achieve such incredible breakthroughs not only in their bodies, but in their lives? I would have to say the answer is FAITH. An absolute belief that they were on the right path -- that they were absolutely, positively going to achieve their 12 week goals -- and absolute faith that they were doing the right thing and that their hard work would produce rewarding, exciting, and inspiring results. Now that I think about it ... that is exactly what they have in common ... they had so little doubt and so much faith. That's what makes all of them so special.

epicycle_WebMD Would it help for someone that is severely overweight to change the cardio part of the program at all? I know it may effect muscle growth but I want to maximize fat loss. I am currently taking BetaGen, Myoplex, and PhenFree. .... Thanks for the motivation!!!

Phillips: That's a good question but please, please, please pay very careful attention to the answer -- remember that the Body-for-Life program works because it helps build muscle. And, remember, muscle is the metabolic furnace that will burn more fat than exercise. Without muscle, we not only don't have any physical strength, but the metabolism moves along like traffic on the 405 freeway in California. You need more muscle to burn more fat. Building muscle is a long-term solution to being overly fat.

LS2000_WebMD is 3 20 min. aerobic sessions a week really enough to lose fat?

Phillips: Remember that the exercise sessions which are a part of the Body-for-Life program are "fat stimulators" and the exercise should not be longer than what is outlined in the book or you could have the opposite effect of what you're looking for. What you're trying to do with your exercise sessions is "rev up fat loss". Don't measure an exercise session by how much energy/calories you burned up during the workout -- measure the success of an exercise session by how much fat loss and muscle growth was stimulated during the workout. There's a big difference between working out hard and working out smart. Smart workouts focus on quality, not quantity.

karinfrost_WebMD Bill, when is the best time to take Beta Gen? Before working out or after...I'm on the lean and tone stack.

Phillips: I would take that supplement with your meals. One of the best times to take Beta Gen is in your post-workout meal which, remember, should be one hour after your workout. Remember, even though we don't have a lot of time to talk about supplements here, you can learn more about them at That's

simply_Ryan_WebMD Bill, I love Myoplex. I thought it would be gross like other nutrition drinks I've had, but no. In fact I crave it. . . all flavors, it is just that good. Can I substitute one of my other meals with a fourth Myoplex?

Phillips: Good heavens -- this is turning out to be a supplement commercial night! I sometimes use 4 MyoPlex shakes a day, especially when I'm traveling. I wouldn't use any more than 4, though, as you can't overlook the fact that quality whole foods like chicken, potatoes, and vegetables are very important. Now please, no more supplement questions tonight. :-) (smiles)

shelleeh_WebMD How important is it to eat 6 meals every day? By the time I eat 5 meals I'm stuffed!

Phillips: I realize it is difficult to get in all 6 meals and I know what you mean about being full after the 5th meal. Isn't it interesting that we can lose fat without going hungry? What I would suggest is that you be sure to not over-consume protein or carbohydrates in any of your meals -- make sure that the portion size is no bigger than the palm of your hand.

FyreEyez_Lycos Can I eat TOO many Vegetables? Since changing my life, I've come to love veggies. For my dinner, I have a portion of Protein, a portion of Carbs, and A LOT of veggies. It looks a lot in the pan, but isn't very calorically dense I'd think. Am I slowing my progress?

Phillips: Good for you! Broccoli, asparagus, any variety of lettuce, spinach, and so on ... eat all you want, nature will grow more!

karinfrost_WebMD Any suggestions for getting rid of that dreaded lower tummy pooch? It won't go away no matter how many crunches I do!

Phillips: Stay with the program -- that area will firm up but it is oftentimes the last area to really develop tone. Doing more crunches usually doesn't work. Stick with the program -- the nutrition, the whole body exercise, and also the mindset techniques and you will succeed!

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