Body for Life: 12 Weeks to Mental and Physical Strength with Bill Phillips

By Bill Phillips
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Author and fitness expert Bill Phillips will be discussing straightforward information on how to enhance energy and performance and ultimately change one's life through exercise and fitness.

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Phillips: I'm excited to be here. And, looking forward to talking about how all of our guests tonight can build their best body for life!

Moderator: Why did you write your book, Body for Life?

Phillips: I wrote the book Body For Life so everyone can, regardless of their previous knowledge about exercise, nutrition, and healthy living, could simply and easily understand how to build more muscle, gain energy, and lose fat. You see ... before Body For Life, I don't believe there was a really clear, concise program which involved strength training -- the best form of exercise, in my opinion -- on the market.

Moderator: How does your book approach weight loss?

Phillips: The Body For Life program takes a rather unique position on fitness in that we don't focus on losing weight as much as we do on gaining strength, gaining energy, gaining control ... my challenge with typical "weight loss programs" is that they are too "one dimensional." That is, they focus on losing, not on winning.

Moderator: Why is the Body-for-Life Program a 12-Week Program?

Phillips: I've been working with athletes and Hollywood celebrities for about 15 years now and I've tried three month programs, four month programs and even six months but I have found that three months/twelve weeks is a time frame which allows people to stay focused AND is enough time to see startling changes in terms of body fat and muscle definition and strength.

Moderator: How easy is your Body-for-Life program and does someone have to be very experienced to use your book?

Phillips: The "Body For Life" program isn't easy -- it's simple but it's a challenge. I think that's one of the reasons why people get so excited about it -- I'm convinced that we are more interested in things that are challenging than things that are easy. In fact, I think one of the reasons that we get bored and give up and give in on things like college is because it's just not challenging enough. The Body For Life program is very rewarding but, it really tests a person's character -- it tests their inner strength.

okiedocs_WebMD How did you happen on the Body For Life formula?

Phillips: That's a good question -- why is the Body-for-Life program so specific? Well, it's a program that has taken literally thousands of hours of research, experimentation and trial and error. The Body-for-Life program was actually created by thousands of people who all shared with me their success stories and the research of dozens of physiologists and scientists. The Body-for-Life program absolutely, positively cannot fail when it is followed properly. It is not the only program that works, but it is a program that works for everyone -- quite literally every healthy adult can achieve rewarding results with the Body-for-Life program.

NJDonna_WebMD Hi, Bill I am in my 7th week, I am feeling awesome, although I am trying to lose body fat, there are times after an intense weight training day I could use a little more food wise can I use the MyoPlex Deluxe also? Thanks for a great program.

Phillips: Congratulations on your success -- if you've made it to the 7th week, you absolutely, positively will finish all 12! (usually, once you make it past the 4 week mark, you've achieved a breakthrough in your patterns of action and the program really starts to come together.)

Phillips: A recent study which we report in the next issue of "Muscle Media" sheds light on how important timing is of nutrient intake after exercise. This study offered substantial evidence that eating one hour after exercise is even more important than we originally believed. Interestingly enough, the study also showed that eating sooner than one hour after exercise not only slowed muscle recovery but also cut down on fat loss. The reason you might feel a little bit weak after exercise is because your body is pulling the energy it needs to fuel your metabolism from stored body fat. Of course, your body's preferred source of energy is from carbohydrates/glucose and the process of pulling energy from stored fat can result in a slightly "sluggish" feeling but it's very important to just "let it ride" and not eat for at least an hour after those workouts. After an hour, you can eat MyoPlex Deluxe or any quality protein and carbohydrate balanced meal. Don't forget to drink two tall glasses of water also!

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