Feng Shui: Helping With Harmony & Tranquility (cont.)

Melendez: Once again, organized clutter or sloppy clutter is still clutter. The stuff is still there. What happens is that the more furniture, the more things that's in a room, then there's not enough space for movement of energy and air to circulate through the room. You have to have open space, so there's movement.

Moderator: How can I help boost my love life within the parameters of Feng Shui?

Melendez: Number one thing is... whether it's men or women, when looking for a relationship... sometimes you need to program your space for love. Good things to do are -- make sure all the pictures in your house have two people in them. Things that symbolize love to you should be around your house. Rose quartz is great to have around, because its the stone of love. And remember, crystals come from the earth... they make up the crust of our earth. They're powerful energy sources when used in positive ways, and rose quartz helps you love yourself so you can have somebody else bring love into your life. You have to be able to love yourself first, and heal your own heart, before you can let somebody else into your heart. Rose quartz is something to wear on your body or have in your space. And also if you're looking for a new relationship or you're recently divorced, the person who gets to keep the mattress in the deal is the one who takes the longest to heal. When two people divorce, it's better to get a brand new bed... because the person sleeping on the bed you've used for all those years together will have those memories still.

Moderator: Where should I place my bed? If its headboard is facing North and the door is in the southeast corner, is this OK, or is it in the "death position?" It is just out of the flow of chi from the entrance to the bedroom...

Melendez: To answer that one, I need to know when you were born ... and if you're a man or woman.

Moderator: How exactly does Feng Shui affect one's health? Can you describe a good way to boost one's health?

Melendez: Sometimes there's energy in the bedroom that has sickness in it. In general, if somebody finds that -- this is a very generalized statement right now -- In general, if someone finds that they're getting sick a lot, try adding metal in the bedroom... whether in metal weights... at least 100 pounds, because metal absorbs unwanted energy. See if that makes a difference. When there's unhealthy energy and lots of clutter in the room, it keeps the unhealthy energy in the room. Clutter will clog bad energy and good energy. If you have abundant prosperity in the bedroom... then you're soaking it all up. Because there's no room for the energy within the room to circulate, and all the clutter is clogging it. So you're clogging your own prosperity. So clutter could actually enhance sickness in a room because it clogs it in, and it can also stop or slow down good energy because it has nowhere to move.

Moderator: A friend told me that he had a Feng Shui practitioner come to his house who told him that the southeast corner of his lot was the marriage and family corner. He has read two books, which says the wealth corner is the southeast corner. Mr. Lee wants to know if things can be that different between practitioners? Shouldn't there be standard in which point of the compass corresponds to which subject?

Melendez: The southeast is marriage and family, but if he had a compass reading, that could be very well true... because that's more specific and the good relationship corner. Its just like an attorney; you can have information... five attorneys can look at the same information and come up with a different analogy. Everyone can look at a situation differently. There should be standardized and depending on the school, there is standardized information... but everyone can analyze something differently.

Moderator: I read somewhere that exposed beams can be detrimental, especially in the bedroom above a bed, how can I resolve this in my home?

Melendez: The best thing with a beam, is that you want to be going in the same direction as the beam. So if your bed is underneath, it's better to be in the same direction. And if you can, sleep between the beams... because wherever the beam resides, that's the part of your body that will have pressure on it.

Moderator: How can I can find out about the effects of colors chosen for rooms? Specifically, if someone plans to paint their kitchen. If you would like something light and cheery?

Melendez: There's a lot of great books on color and color vibration, because color is huge.

Melendez: In Feng Shui, there are suggestions of colors... but it's not about saying you have to do this or that. At the end of the day, its about what makes you feel good. Feng Shui is just principles and suggestions of what many years of practice have come up to. But if it doesn't feel good to you, then is it good Feng Shui? No. You are in control of your own destiny; these are just tools of what you can do to play around with it, but you still are the master of your life. You make your own decisions.

Moderator: There are so many restaurants that use aquariums. Do they bring prosperity to businesses? How can I utilize this benefit in my workspace?

Melendez: Water brings money. So anybody that's interested... Donald Trump and all his casinos and hotels, when you see water, it's been strategically placed because water brings money. Most of those hotels in Vegas have been Feng Shui'ed.

Moderator: What kind of clients do you have? Is it a cross section?

Melendez: Most of my clients are either in the medical industry; I deal with a lot of people in the entertainment industry. Architects. I deal with the gamut all over the place.

Moderator: Does Feng Shui require a lot of work and how can someone make changes inexpensively?

Melendez: The best way to do it is to walk into each room of your house and take a look at it... and say, "Is this who I am? Does it resemble who I am?" And if it does, then great. But if it doesn't, then move things around. Re-hang pictures in other rooms. Change your vibe and perspective.

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