Feng Shui: Helping With Harmony & Tranquility (cont.)

tuesday1_WebMD It certainly stagnated mine!! I would like him to release many of his books and CDs. Is there any way to set him up to do this ... naturally? Like, by slowly changing some things in our common environment?

Melendez: Absolutely. I love books, but they hold a lot of energy. Books have a lot of information, and if they're in the bedroom, they're really a strong source of energy in the bedroom. But the best way to do it is to get three boxes, or two boxes... look at all your books, and if they're novels or books you read once that you will never read again, donate those to your favorite charity or library. And then the books that are research books or who you are, keep them on the shelf. And then there's the books where... you don't really know if you like it, or if you're not sure to get rid of it... that goes into the "I'm thinking of it" box. And you put that box into your garage or somewhere in your house and put it away, and when you go back to that box in 3 or 4 months, those books will not have as much attachment to you. Because you've now lived a little bit without them. Books are information sources, so the more books... I always look at it as if it's helping me, or if I can give it away to someone who it'll inspire. Because I already have the information. So now I can let it go to let someone else to get the gift. But if it's a reference book or collector's item, then keep it. But if you look at books like that, and the purpose of education, its easier to release it to others.

tuesday1_WebMD Some traditions utilize the directions based on the front entrance rather than the actual North / South orientation. What do you think of this?

Melendez: I studied with two masters, one from Hong Kong and one from Malaysia, and both have different philosophies. I believe strongly in the magnetic direction and being in alignment with them based upon when you were born.

Moderator: How does my date of birth have any affect on my personal Feng Shui?

Melendez: It's based more upon the year of birth. Depending upon what year you were born, and if it's after February 5th... what happens is that each person is given 4 magnetic directions that are very good for them. And why this is so important and needs to be benefited by everyone in the world, from a little infant to a 100 year old person... what happens is that when you sleep in your best magnetic direction, you get a restful night's sleep because you are in alignment with the earth for your personal self. It's one of the easiest [ways] to get over insomnia, and sleeping disorders. Its a vehicle. When we're facing our best magnetic direction, our energy is higher, our memory retention is stronger, we're more active, we're more magnetically on, because we're in alignment with the earth.

Moderator: How do you find out what your best magnetic directions?

Melendez: There's many books on the market that have the chart in them. It's just a chart, and it'll say if you're born this year, these are your best magnetic directions.

Moderator: What type of Feng Shui do you practice?

Melendez: Its called The Compass School.

Moderator: What does a Feng Shui Consultant do?

Melendez: Feng Shui consultants, depending on what they specialize in... but what most do is they come in, and hopefully assist the person in balancing out the environment. What I've noticed is that when I go to somebody's business, its easier than the home... because they're more attached to their home space. So when we're very close to something, it's hard for us to see it. Sometimes its nice to bring in a third party to make suggestions or bring up something from another perspective that can be looked at to enhance a space.

Melendez: A consultant has been trained to look for several things. Feng Shui is like an artichoke, and there are many layers to it. There's no black and white, there are many rules and this and that. It's never just one way and the only way;

tuesday1_WebMD Really my questions pertains to how I can change my husband's, uh, tendencies toward retaining every type of item that ever comes into the house. Can I create certain areas of the house that are more streamlined so that will inspire him to have other areas that are clear, too? We get along so famously except for our different aesthetics as they relate to "stuff".

Melendez: Number one, its always hard to change somebody else. What I would suggest is at some point, you need to make a space in your house for yourself. And you need to be able to respect that he has a way that he's living, which is making him comfortable at this point, but you also have to have a space in the bedroom, or in the house, that gets to resemble who you are as well. So both people feel that they're being honored. Because if you go and take everything away and say this is how we have to do it, then you might not be able to get the results that you're looking for because of the resentment. And people's spaces are very sacred to them, so it's a delicate matter. The more you start living what you believe in, and you see that there's some validity in it... and see positive changes in yourself, you can ask him to try if some items can be removed from the bedroom, just to see how it feels. But make suggestions as a team. Suggest taking some things out from a certain space, just to see how it feels like. At the end of the day, it's all about things... and how many things you have to have attached to you.

tuesday1_WebMD We live in a small two bedroom apartment. One room is the study and the other the actual bedroom, technically.

Melendez: If there's a lot of clutter in the bedroom, that will affect many things. It will affect sleep, relationships, it could potentially affect health, so if there's a lot of clutter in the bedroom, that would be something that needs to be addressed. It affects all these things because the bedroom is the one room we go to re-feel our body, and that's where we sleep. And if we can't go into our bedroom and feel harmony, tranquility, and restful... we can't re-fuel the body. A lot of times, people have so much stuff on their headboards and nightstands next to their bed, all these electromagnetics with a TV... there's all kinds of stuff. Sometimes there's workout equipment in the room. That's not conducive for coming home and to bed. The bedroom is where we go to re-fuel our body, and we need to program our mind so that when we go into the bedroom, we go to sleep. If we go into the bedroom and watch TV and read all night, your mind isn't in the mindset to go to sleep when you enter the bedroom.

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