Feng Shui: Helping With Harmony & Tranquility with Heather Melendez, Ph.D.

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Certified feng shui practitioner Heather Melendez will be discussing how feng shui can affect our emotions and better our health.

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Moderator: Welcome to WebMD Live. Today we will be discussing Feng Shui: Helping With Harmony & Tranquility with Heather Melendez.

Heather Melendez studied under veteran Malaysian feng shui Grand Master Yap, who has an international reputation as the "creator of millionaires and billionaires." Melendez practices traditional Chinese compass school feng shui. She instructs classes at Holistic Health Centers, is a guest speaker at real estate functions, and occasionally gives lectures on the principals of feng shui to the Philosophy Department at Loyola Marymount University.

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Heather, welcome to WebMD Live. To start off, what exactly is Feng Shui?

Melendez: Feng Shui is a way of creating a surrounding in your environment to enhance your life.

Moderator: How does Feng Shui work?

Melendez: There's different schools and practices of Feng Shui. The goal of all the different schools is about balance and harmony, and aligning your home, office, loft, whatever it is... so that you are in harmony with the environment that surrounds you, which when you're at a balanced state, decisions are better, your mind is quicker, your health is at a better state... things like that.

Moderator: Is Feng Shui a science, art or spiritual practice? Why?

Melendez: There's different things out there -- Feng Shui is best viewed as a science, but it's more interpretive as an art. Some people believe that it has some spiritual references to it because once you become more balanced and centered, more of a spiritual nature emerges within the self.

Moderator: How can Feng Shui attract things to you such as a relationship if single, a job or even better health?

Melendez: The good thing about Feng Shui is that you can use the word Feng Shui or it can be any word. It's about focusing in on an intention that somebody has, whether it be love, money, health, balance, etc. And once you have focused in on the intention, you can do things in your environment to assist you in that process. You can enhance your environment.

Moderator: Do things such as what?

Melendez: Say, for example, somebody who was single wanted to attract a relationship whether it be male, female, gay, whatever... there are certain quadrants within a space of a house or building that can be enhanced to bring that to you. For example, through symbolism which is obviously a part of Feng Shui, the southwest quadrant of a bedroom is associated with love and when enhancing that area with certain symbolic references of love, it helps to bring that energy into your own energy field, and once it's there, then you can help attract it to you.

Moderator: What are some of these symbolic references?

Melendez: It varies through many cultures. I'll give a couple examples, because I don't want to insinuate these are the only ones. In the West, love birds are symbolic of love. The Chinese refer to "Mandarin Ducks". Rose quartz symbolizes love. A heart. Items that have two objects in them. Sometimes when people are single and are looking for a relationship, it's interesting because oftentimes in the bedroom, most of the pictures up have an image of only one person in them... or the bed is up against the wall so you can't get in from both sides. On a subliminal, subconscious level, you say that you want love, but you're closing it off so someone can't enter the bed from the other direction. So it's being conscious of everything, whether it be in your bedroom, or office space, or whatever.

Moderator: Is Feng Shui a religion?

Melendez: No. And it's unfortunate because some people don't entertain the thought of looking into Feng Shui because they think it's a religion, and it's not. A religion is where you're praying to something, but in Feng Shui, you're not praying to anything. You're getting into balance and alignment in your environment.

Moderator: Does it have to do with an energy flow?

Melendez: Absolutely. Everything is energy. If you take the human body, we're a ball of energy. So how energy flows or does not flow will either help us get what we want.

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