Pain Awareness and Management (cont.)

Dr. Oakley, do you have any final comments for us?

I'd like to thank everyone for tuning in to WebMD and joining in the conversation. It is very clear that a large percentage of Americans are suffering from chronic, debilitating pain.

One of the most effective techniques for beginning to deal with pain is to get as much information about your pain as you possibly can. There are a number of web sites which are available to explore to learn about your pain. One I highly recommend is the National Pain Foundation web site -- or This is designed as a patient- education tool and also a tool for physicians to learn more about pain.

By going to you can become a member for free and explore numerous links to many very, very useful web sites regarding pain and take advantage of the many sections concerning specific pain, diagnoses that are available on the site.

Web sites such as this can also provide the latest advances in pain-relieving techniques, but the important message to take away is that in order to deal with your pain, information is empowering. It gives you the ability to know what's available, know what to expect, and know who to seek out to get the appropriate treatment.

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