Sexual Fitness for Men: The Hardness Factor (cont.)

I think you achieved it. How about explaining for our audience just exactly what The Hardness Factor program is.

In publishing, and in the real world, people like to have something that they can measure and some progress that they can make. In some of the other books that I have written we sort of didn't give them a program, we basically just said here are the facts and this is what you need to do. We wanted to make it easy for men and we wanted to be able to say to them, if you follow what we're suggesting, you will be able to have a noticeable change in your sexual performance over a period of let's say six weeks. And you might even see a change within four to five days if you really are paying attention. What we wanted to do was to launch men into a new lifestyle. It takes six weeks to change people's habits; we know that in areas of addiction and other areas.

What we really did was create this six-week program in which we gradually seduced men to change what they are doing. This really is seduction -- it should have been called the Trojan Horse to tell you the truth. What we're basically saying is: Guys, this is not that difficult. If you're starting at ground zero, or before ground zero, maybe you just need to start walking, maybe just reduce the amount of food you're eating by a small amount, maybe we need to change what you're actually eating.

We sort of created this sensuous eating program because we appreciated, at least I appreciated, that the senses one uses in the bedroom to be a great lover are the same senses that you actually use while you're eating. You need to be able to have a sense of smell and taste and texture and you have to have visual capacity. Those are the same senses that you're using when you're eating, so why not take advantage and prime those senses? I asked Waldy Malouf if he would come up with some really healthy recipes that were a bit spicier and that would challenge a man's palate and he could transfer those senses in another venue. He really came up with just unbelievable kinds of foods. I had the privilege of cooking with him so that we could show the world that even somebody, such as myself, who is really not a cook in anyway (my wife will attest to that) can actually do some of these preparations.

We're trying to make it easy for guys. We're saying over the six-week period: reduce your calorie intake a little bit or start doing some stretching, because sex is a physical act. You have to be physically fit in order to perform at the highest level. It doesn't require a lot of energy expenditure, believe it or not, to actually have sex, but there is a certain amount of endurance and physical fitness that's required. So we wanted to say to the man: if you want to go play tennis in six weeks, don't you think you need to put your body in a certain kind of physical shape in order to play tennis? You're just not going to decide you're going to play singles after you have been sedentary.

So we're making it simple for the guys and I think that there will be an appreciable, measurable change in their own sense of their sexual performance. What does that really mean? It's a concept that I think will be extremely clear to men -- a man knows and a man appreciates the confidence that he may or may not have with reference to the ability to achieve an erection, to maintain an erection and to maintain rigidity of the erection throughout the sexual encounter. They know how comfortable and how confident they really are. I am confident that over a period of six weeks, eight weeks, 12 weeks, they will clearly see an enhancement in their performance by following some extremely simple, logical and healthy interventions.

I forgot, by the way, to incorporate the supplements that we wrote about in the book and they are very simple. We're talking about products such as Pycnogenol, which is an antioxidant that's been around for 30 or 40 years and there's more evident basis for this product than any I have seen. There is also arginine, which is an amino acid which facilitates the production of a gas called nitrous oxide -- responsible for the blood vessels to dilate and open up. Omega-3s which you know you get from the big fish; I wish they didn't also have mercury in them, but omega-3s are extremely important for the integrity of blood vessels and platelets. We talked about some funny supplements. Tthere's a Pinnacle product called horny goat weed, an herb from China that seems to make men a little more "randy" -- there may be a testosterone-like effect for those that have a libido issue as a result of either a drop in their testosterone or stress or depression. There are a few supplements that I think can facilitate the process.

But my real message is that a relatively simple lifestyle change can make an enormous difference in the preservation of the erectile performance.

"If he is able to exercise and lose weight at the same time, he's going to free up some testosterone which will now enhance his sexual performance and his libido."

I'm 42 and I want to know if there are exercises to improve blood flow and strengthen erection. Another concern of mine is the loss of sensation around the head of my penis during intercourse that keeps me from being able to ejaculate. Does this have anything to do with hardness?

I think as you can see and as you have read, here is a relatively young man, 42 years old. In my office I'll see men 32 years old with very, very similar concerns and questions. These men are really part of the silent majority, which is they don't really have an opportunity to share their concerns with anybody. They certainly don't talk about it to other men because other men are not interested, nor are they knowledgeable with reference to what to do about it. Men talk to each other about sexual encounters, not about sexual performance. They may actually be even kind of rebuffed by their family doctor who also may not be particularly interested or feel awkward about the subject. So this kind of forum I think is extremely important. For this man, his sexual performance is a major contributor to the quality of his life and probably the quality of his partner's life. So we now have a condition that affects two people, not just one person.

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