Dieting: The 3-Hour Diet (cont.)

There are exercises that one can do even sitting in a chair.

That's right, and there are many in my books, the 8 Minute book series. Please take a peak at those, I have quite a variety of them.

Jorge, we are almost out of time. Before we wrap things up for today, do you have any final words for us?

In closing, I'm thrilled everyone here at WebMD was able to join us and will be able the read the transcript in the future.

Remember, the secret to losing weight comes down to keeping your metabolism alive and active, and that comes from eating often. The secret will be the 3-Hour Timeline?. Please make sure to eat, and don't starve yourself. I challenge you all to stop starvation dieting and stop low-carb dieting.

I challenge you all to eat the foods you love, remembering the secret of good portions, not bad foods, but good portions, and not banning foods you love. Never again should you ban an Oreo cookie if you love Oreos. Never again should you ban pizza if you like pizza. Of course that means you cannot eat the whole box of pizza or the whole bag of Oreos. It's using good sense and being healthy and happy with good portions, and most importantly, at the right time so we lower cortisol levels, thus encouraging belly fat to go first and the preservation of our muscle. Because remember, when you don't eat approximately every three hours and 20 minutes, you activate that starvation protection mechanism which will cause your body to consume muscle. When you lose muscle, you lose your metabolism. So please, please, please, eat every three hours for success and happiness.

If there are any other people that want more information, I would invite you all to pick up the 3-Hour Diet book available anywhere books are sold and you can join our online community exclusively at

I hope to someday meet many of you in person and see your "before" and "after" photo, which will be very important. That "before" photo you should all take today; it will be used by you for great inspiration in the future.

I wish you all a wonderful day. May God bless you. Congratulations on being here with us today and taking this first important step.

Bye for now, Jorge Cruise

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