Dieting: The 3-Hour Diet (cont.)

What kind of results should someone expect if they follow your 3-hour eating plan?

They should immediately expect to lose two pounds the first week and every week thereafter until they get to their ideal weight loss. The first few pounds, I would say the first six to eight pounds, will come exclusively from belly fat first.

They will also increase great energy because they are eating carbohydrates. They will feel good, their dopamine levels and serotonin levels will be elevated because they feel happy and stress free. They will see their confidence improve and their self-esteem will improve because they can do this plan. That gives people confidence -- they see they can do something and they keep it up. It makes you feel proud of yourself and confident. With that confidence soaring, you will be able to tackle obstacles in all sorts of things in life, whether they're work related or personal.

I tell people that there's no greater instrument to control and master than our body. When you have that body -- your physical health -- in top-notch shape, what happens is that it gives you the power to achieve any goal.

I have had people write me that once they have lost the weight, they feel like they are better parents, they feel like better role models. They had been on the South Beach and couldn't teach their kids to follow that plan because the first two weeks of South Beach don't allow carbohydrates. Or they were on Atkins and had ketosis and gout and all these things and their kids were concerned. They -- finally for the first time -- feel proud that they are good role models.

I have people write me about business goals that they finally have the energy and the focus to achieve. So many of these people write about low-carb diets and how they were very tired. They say that the first week or so they were high energy, but after that they lost their energy because they were so low in carbohydrates that they just couldn't think.

People wrote me after they lost the weight on the 3-Hour Diet? that they ate this way and they were sharper and more able to work more effectively. It goes on and on - these are all the wonderful benefits of eating every three hours.

What if you only have 5 to 10 pounds to lose?

This plan is actually perfect for such a thing. This plan is perfect for someone who needs to lose over 150 pounds or someone who has just 5 or 10 pounds to lose. What it does is creates a foundation that keeps the metabolism active. Active metabolism will get you to your ideal body weight, whether that's 5 pounds away or 155 pounds away. It's perfect for men and women and children -- anyone can follow this plan. Of course they should check with their doctor, but there's nothing that is unhealthy, so families can do this together.

Is this a way of eating that one can do for life?

Yes, that's what this plan is designed to be. The book should be called The 3-Hour Life-Style . It's about really creating a life-style that is healthy and is practical long term. It is a way of eating, it's a diet, but it's a life-style that is doable long-term and thus will be successful long-term unlike every other diet that works short-term but rarely makes a difference long-term. That's what we're trying to shift here.

Due to a bad back I am very limited on exercise. Will this diet work on it's own?

Yes, this diet stands alone 100%.

I do have a fitness background as well. My first four books were called 8 Minutes in the Morning , all on the New York Times. They all required eight minutes of exercise. The 3-Hour Diet book is really the prequel to my 8 Minute books -- it's the foundation. If I could go back in time I would have written this book first and then done the exercise books.

This plan requires no exercise at all, it's completely optional. Chapter 11 of the book does give you some basic, simple eight-minute exercises you can do. What I find is that most people, once they lose the initial weight with my 3-Hour Diet book, will then attack my 8 Minutes in the Morning books with vigor because that will help define and sculpt their final pound or two of toning that they want to do. They can use the 3-Hour Diet to remove the excess mass weight. Then, when they need to sculpt their body if that's what they want, if they want firm and toned arms, buttocks and thighs and to remove cellulite, the 8 Minutes in the Morning books will help do that finishing touch -- that's optional.

"I always tell my clients one of those quotes I heard years ago from one of my mentors: "Who you are with is who you become." If you're with negative people that criticize you and make you feel bad about losing weight, or you're with no one and you're by yourself and you're lonely, then you don't get any positive energy."

I am always yo-yoing between 127 and 140 pounds and I'm 5 feet 8 inches tall. I have a list of "bad foods" that I will not allow myself to eat and, once in a while -- especially when I'm tired or stressed -- I binge and then feel like I have totally sabotaged myself.

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