Dieting: The 3-Hour Diet (cont.)

What I'm trying to say to everyone is that this plan is customized to everyone's size. If you're a bigger person, you won't go hungry and if you're a smaller person, you won't be stuffed either.

It seems like this plan does not really allow you to eat the recommended amounts of fruits and veggies. How do I fit all of them in?

Does not let you eat enough fruits and vegetables? There must be a misunderstanding. Remember, the 3-Hour Plate? is comprised of a Rubik's cube for the carbs, a deck of cards for the protein, a little bottle cap representing the fat, and three DVD cases, not DVDs which are thin like tortillas, three cases . That is the equivalent of one to two pieces of fruit depending on how big the fruit is, one large or two medium pieces; or salad or vegetables or whatever it is they want. If you look at the book on page 87 where I show the actual plate, you will see how high three DVDs stack up: at least two or three inches high and about a good five or so inches wide, so about half your plate is fruits or vegetables. It's very healthy.

Then, there is a bonus thing you can do if you really want more fruits and vegetables. What you're able to do on our plan is then double the DVD cases. You can now have up to six DVD cases of fruits and vegetables.

I have an advisory board and we have all sorts of secrets. One of the top chefs in the country, Chef Bernard, has helped me come up with all sorts of secrets to preparing fruits and vegetables so they are absolutely mouthwatering and not plain. That is a challenge, because most people do the opposite and they complain that they have to eat too many fruits and vegetables on this plan. So what I help them do is, through preparation, discover how to prepare broccoli or cauliflower or whatever fruit or vegetable they want and do it so it tastes good.

So actually, you should not fear on this plan. You will be getting, with every meal, three full servings of fruits or vegetables -- at breakfast, lunch and dinner. You decide what they are -- I don't tell anyone what to eat. If they don't like peas, they don't have to eat them. If they don't like watermelon, they can do cantaloupe, if they don't like that they can do an apple. It's anything you want, this plan gives people the freedom to choose the foods that they love and choose the foods that are enjoyable.

Do you advise not eating trans fats or simple carbs, instead using good fats and complex carbs?

This book is about weight loss. Of course when you lose weight you get healthy. There are some plans out there that have you lose weight and also do it in the most healthy of ways. They will say that you can only eat the good carbs and you should only eat the good fats. Do I believe in that? Sure, I think that's great. I think we should all eat high quality fats like flaxseed oil, I love it and I do talk about it in the book. I think we should all eat good whole grains because they are healthier for us.

But the truth is, since this is a weight loss book, all that really matters is calories. I hate to be true and honest but it is; it's only calories -- whether that comes from Wonder Bread or from the most expensive $10 bread you can buy full of grains. Is one better for you in the sense of your health, digestion and nutrients? Of course, but you can get very fat eating whole-grain bread if you eat a lot of it. What is most important is the caloric intake.

So, what this plan does is gives you the full carte blanche to pick what you like. If you want to eat healthy whole grains, then by all means, you should. If you want to use flaxseed oil -- absolutely, use it. I personally do enjoy flaxseed oil every day but I also like butter. I will have, on occasion, pizza or a doughnut every now and then. Is that healthy? Well, there are the bad fats and all that, but it's just a matter of portion control.

I envision that someday I'll probably do a 3-Hour Diet edition that is designed for not just weight loss but for health as well. It would be more of a higher end version for those truly into not just being thin and beautiful but also super healthy, meaning their immune system and everything is perfect.

This plan is about losing weight and about calories. Of course, you can do it with anything you like. I don't like to put restrictions on people because the truth of the matter is that when you put too many restrictions on, we end up sabotaging. Every diet plan that has been out until today, literally, has always put a bad name on something -- some food has always been the bad guy. In my plan what I'm trying to do is avoid that and just say there aren't bad foods, just bad portions and bad timing. The solution has been good portions and good timing. Thus you will enjoy the process, be able to do it long term and keep the weight off. That's the key here, that's my goal more than anything else.

I tell all my clients on my web site that my goal is to see obesity rates lower. Right now I think it's about 800 people a day that die from obesity-related diseases in this country. That's about three people every five minutes. I want this to be the first diet book in the history of the human race that causes that number to diminish. No diet book ever written, as sad as that is, from the healthiest stuff from Dr. Weil, to Atkins, The Zone, Weight Watchers and Slim Fast -- none have ever caused those numbers to diminish; if anything they have gone up. I want this book to be revolutionary in that way. I think the way we have to be revolutionary is we have to be practical. As healthy as we can be but practical is the key word -- and simple.

"This plan is perfect for someone who needs to lose over 150 pounds or someone who has just 5 or 10 pounds to lose. What it does is creates a foundation that keeps the metabolism active. Active metabolism will get you to your ideal body weight, whether that's 5 pounds away or 155 pounds away."

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