Conceive, Trying to (cont.)

I am so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. There are many different reasons for a miscarriage, but well over 50% are due to chromosomal anomalies. A chromosomal anomaly can be diagnosed by checking the chromosomes of the miscarriage.

Doing a special test can help you identify where the problem is. A miscarriage happening when a fetus has a heart beat and then dies inside the uterus is rarely due to an abnormal uterus. I would suggest that you ask your doctor to do some tests and try finding out what's going on.

I am four days late; I am never late -- always early or on time. A home test is negative, but still no cycle. I am having slight cramping. Could I be pregnant or is my cycle preparing to come?

You could be pregnant, but until you have a positive pregnancy test you won't know for sure. The number one question I get on WebMD is: "I missed my period, could I be pregnant?"

And my answer is the same: Keep a BBT chart and find out whether and when you ovulate. The knowledge of ovulation will help you determine each time what's going on when you miss your period. Join the WebMD Fertility Center where we can all help you identify what's going on with your cycle.

Can someone who had an abortion have difficulties later TTC?

A past uneventful, uncomplicated abortion never affects your future fertility.

Dr. G., I know you have to go to see patients. Thanks for joining us.

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