Diabetes Alert Day (cont.)

Look at our web site and find out information about this particular type of diabetes. I'm still not convinced what you have is type 1 based on the small information you have given me.

"One thing we should all know about diabetes is a little care goes a long way. The small steps we take today make huge steps in the quality of our life tomorrow, especially when it comes to diabetes."

I have two daughters; one is 20 years old and was diagnosed last year with type 1 and now also has Hashimoto's disease. Her sister is 11 years old and was just diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease; they both have goiters. How much of a risk is my 11-year-old for diabetes? No family members have either disease.

Your older daughter suffers from two autoimmune diseases. The type 1 diabetes and Hashimoto's are caused by her genetic makeup, making her more susceptible to these conditions. The younger daughter shares similar genetics, although not identical. Clearly she has already demonstrated susceptibility to autoimmune disease by having Hashimoto's. It's impossible to say whether the 11-year-old will develop type 1 diabetes or any other autoimmune disease. Having a particular genetics is just one facet of developing the disease. There are other triggers, including environmental triggers and a lot of unknowns about the autoimmune diseases. Although she has an increased risk, no one can tell you with certainty whether she will develop type 1 in her lifetime. The only thing anyone can tell you is yes, she has an increased risk, but she may never develop it.

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