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Hurricane Health Concerns

Listen now to Dr. Shiel's thank you and personal note regarding Hurricane Volunteers.(MP3 0:52min 421KB)

Dr. William C. Shiel Jr., Chief Medical Editor of discusses hurricane health concerns.

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Listen now to Dr. Shiel discuss: Hurricane Katrina's devastation of parts of the U.S. Gulf Coast is the greatest natural disaster ever faced by the U.S. With tremendous loss of life and property, this catastrophe has resulted in serious and potentially life-threatening diseases. Hear the latest on current health concerns.(MP3 3:45min 1.76MB)

The following is a partial transcript taken from this audio broadcast:

"Dr. Shiel: It's not necessarily cholera that we're concerned about although there are related bacteria that can cause similar severe gastrointestinal and other diseases that can occur in stagnant waters.  Persons in these areas have to be monitored for the development of new medical problems, especially gastrointestinal issues.  Examples of these include common E.coli bacteria..."

Listen to the entire audio segment of Health Beat on Hurricane Health Concerns in this edition of / Doctors on Health /.

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