Fitness Vacations, With a Twist (cont.)

"They see a physical therapist and get a fitness assessment, all while wearing plush terry cloth robes -- not paper gowns -- and being served juices and teas and snacks. And then, we tailor-make a specific plan for them to follow for the rest of the week."

There's Pilates, yoga, and other physical therapy, and not only to strengthen the muscles around the pelvis that control the ability to enjoy sex and achieve orgasm. These programs, along with plenty of classes, lectures, and talk therapy, are also aimed to deal with the stress that can contribute to -- and usually results from -- having sexual problems.

"It's not easy to get into the depths of a woman's or couple's sex life, so we want to make it as peaceful, soothing and calming as possible," Berman says. "That's why they can bring their kids and we babysit them. There's beautiful, nearby shopping and plenty to do. It's a complete vacation that is doing something for their sexual health -- and themselves."

Published March 15, 2004.

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