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How to Outfox Your Baby

How to Outfox Your Baby

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Take it from Sarah O'Meara, a mother of three: accidents take only seconds. When her first child was around 3 months old, she was changing his diaper, and because he wasn't moving around much at that age, she didn't strap him onto the changing table. She let go for just a moment to grab something, and boom, he hit the floor.

Fortunately the baby wasn't hurt. "But it was really frightening, just to hear that thump on the floor," O'Meara recalls. The experience was enough to turn her into a die-hard changing-table strapper. "I thought he was too little to roll over, but it's the same old story -- they always roll over when you think they can't."

O'Meara and her baby boy were lucky. Nearly 800 babies died in accidents in 1997, and thousands wound up in hospital emergency rooms, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And when an accident sends a baby under 6 months to the ER, it's most likely to have been a fall.

The message from doctors and other safety experts: no matter how young your baby is, it's not too early to begin thinking about safety measures and baby-proofing.

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