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Ultrasound: A Womb With a View

Ultrasound Testing: A Womb with a View

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Carla Laszlo and her husband Robert recently went for a 20th-week ultrasound, and seeing the baby come to life on the computer screen before them was an experience like no other. The Southwick, Mass., couple even brought home photographs and a video, just in case they need another fix before meeting the genuine article in December.

"To see your baby for the first time and count fingers and toes is spiritual," says Laszlo. "I was absolutely mesmerized. Aside from desperately wanting to see this little creature inside of me was the anxiety that everything would be forming perfectly and that the baby would be healthy. The news couldn't have been better. To celebrate, we bought a crib!"

More than half of pregnant women have at least one ultrasound, also known as a sonogram, sometime during their pregnancy. The test, which works by bouncing harmless sound waves off the fetus to create an image onto a computer screen, can help doctors and midwives monitor the development of your fetus and help assess various conditions, including some birth defects.

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