Pregnancy's Emotional Roller Coaster (cont.)

"The first visualization helped me connect this new baby in my womb with who I was now, both in my pregnancy and in my life," says Rodgers-Kay. "It helped me as a mom. I thought, 'Oh, good,' I am taking care of him." I'm in a different place, and things are different, but it's still OK. I'm still doing a good job."

What also bubbled to the surface by the second visualization was a recognition that underneath her anxieties was some sadness, too. She realized that she was grieving over the fact that it would be the last time she was going to be pregnant, and she was mourning the change her relationship with Melissa would go through.

Her son, Addison, is now nine weeks old, and although her worries haven't dissolved, she's much more secure about the prospects of life as the mom of two children.

"Sometimes I still feel like maybe I'm not as connected to him because even now Melissa may have my full attention," she says. "But I love him just as much, and what I'm making peace with is that he's sharing me more, but I'm not sure he's getting less. Being 100% his mom is just more complicated."

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