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Infertility: A Tale of Two Sisters

Infertility: A Tale of Two Sisters

By Salynn Boyles
WebMD Feature

Reviewed By Michael Smith

In less than two weeks -- and I can't believe I am writing this -- I will turn 42. In two months, my beautiful, rambunctious, often exasperating son, Joey, will turn 2. At times it still seems unreal that he is here at all.

Like the women interviewed for this series, I spent a significant part of my 30s struggling with infertility, as did my only sister, Susan, now 40. Our paths were at once very similar and very different, and while we shared many of our frustrations at the time, there is much we couldn't talk about until recently.

Neither of us will ever know if age was a factor in our respective infertilities, but the question is almost academic. Like many women just out of college, marriage and children weren't even on our radar screens in our early and mid 20s.

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