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I Want My Foreskin Back!

I Want My Foreskin Back!

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Aug. 21, 2000 -- Some adult men so lament their parents' decision to circumcise them when they were infants that they go to great lengths to correct the deed. Some do it for aesthetic reasons and others to enhance their sexual experience.

R. Wayne Griffiths is 67 years old. He was circumcised as an infant and remembers feeling envious of boys with foreskins, even as a Cub Scout. Later, as an adult, he heard that sex with a foreskin was better and began to wonder if there was anything he could do. Thirteen years ago, he finally decided to take action. He tried a number of methods for stretching his foreskin, but had little success. "In those days you were pretty much on your own," Griffiths says.

Then he devised his own technique that he says worked very well. Now that he is "restored," Griffiths says, and his glans (the head of the penis) is insulated from dryness and chafing, his penis is far more sensitive than it used to be. Sex is "more intense," he says, "and just a lot more pleasurable." The transformation was so profound for Griffiths that he went on to found the National Organization of Restoring Men (NORM), a nonprofit group that supports men who are considering or engaged in foreskin restoration.

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