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What Makes a Man Sexy?

Clothes? Muscles? A confident smile? A California therapist reveals the secrets.

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Reviewed By Michael Smith So there's this woman -- extremely cute, ridiculously smart, shares my taste in movies, and, strangely enough, seems as interested in me as I am in her. Of course, when I met Kathie Lee (OK, that's not her real name), my first impulse was not to enjoy my good luck but to wonder how I would manage not to blow it. After all, if you find a wad of cash in the street and dump it all on stock in Bellyup.com, it's worse than never having had the money in the first place.

To make sure things would go the way I wanted them to, I decided I had to make myself as attractive -- no, make that downright sexy -- as possible. But what does that mean? After all, this is a confusing time for guys. These days, male sexiness isn't just based on being strong yet gentle, confident yet caring, powerful yet modest -- we're also expected to have rock-hard pecs and abs of steel.

Off to School

To find out what really makes a guy sexy, I turned to Barbara Biggs, PhD, a Los Angeles therapist who specializes in sexuality issues. She was willing to get right to the issue at hand.

"First of all, not all women are attracted to the same things," she tells me. I can see that. Like most guys I know, I would like to look good to rocket scientists and Rockettes alike. I would like all women to like me. But, upon reflecting, I see her point. Not all women are going to be attracted to me, just as I'm not attracted to all women. So, we might as well focus our efforts on finding those who find us at least initially appealing.

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