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Birds and Bees Updated -- Online Help for Parents and Teens

How to make talking about sex with your children easier.

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Most parents would agree that sexuality education should begin at home -- but many would be at a loss to know how to start. Never mind how open-minded some parents think they are: Talking about sex with your own teen is not easy.

Fortunately, having that birds-and-bees talk -- and then keeping the lines of communication open -- is made easier by modern media. Both the Internet and television provide solid sexuality-education information to supplement the old-fashioned face-to-face conversation.

Among the web sites offering credible sex education is www.itsyoursexlife.com , launched by MTV and the Kaiser Family Foundation -- a nonprofit philanthropy -- in conjunction with a new national survey of public high school students. Those who took the survey said they needed information that could help prevent pregnancy and disease. In the past, MTV has aired its documentary segment called "I Need Sex Rx" as part of its "True Life" series to help educate young people about taking care of their own sexual health. MTV producers encouraged parents to watch the segment with their teenagers to stimulate discussion about sexuality. "True Life" airs regularly on Thursday afternoons. (Check listings for the time slot.)

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