Weightloss: A Pound of Prevention (cont.)

Drummond was frustrated. Like Messing, he had tried before to get in shape, "but I was very inconsistent," he says. "I'd get on the treadmill with a goal of staying on for at least 20 minutes, but after about seven, I'd get bored and move on to weights and still not work very hard. Then for several weeks I wouldn't work out at all."

To break his pattern, Drummond enlisted the help of a personal trainer. The strategy worked. Today, he weighs 180, only two pounds less than when he started working out. He's gained about six pounds of muscle mass and lost about eight pounds of fat over the last 18 months. He now sports a 32-inch waist. Even better, his blood pressure is down to 124/70. Drummond credits his trainer for "making my goals more manageable by motivating me and teaching me the correct form on exercises. And for starting out very, very slowly."

But Drummond's most important lesson was learning not to beat himself up or pressure himself to achieve perfection. "I learned staying fit doesn't have to be about stressing out the body or the mind," he says. "It's about feeling your best."

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