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Sensible New Year's Workouts

No Pain, No Weight Gain

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Every January, Kerry Flowers notices the same phenomenon at his gym in Birmingham, Ala.

"The place is packed with New Year's resolutioners," says Flowers, a physical therapist at the University of Alabama's Sports Medicine Clinic. "You can tell who they are by their new workout clothes and their new Walkmans."

You can also tell them, he says, by their tendency to work out too hard. By March or April, many of the newcomers have disappeared from the gym -- only to resurface at sports medicine clinics. "We see a lot of patients in our clinic who started out too gung-ho. They end up with overuse injuries -- anything that ends in 'itis,' like plantar fasciitis, shoulder bursitis, and tendonitis."

How can you avoid the trip from gym to clinic? Follow these 9 sensible tips from Flowers and Nicholas A. DeNubile, MD, a clinical assistant professor in the department of orthopedic surgery at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and an orthopedic consultant to the National Basketball Association's Philadelphia 76ers.

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