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Internet Addict?

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June 12, 2000 -- So you surf the Internet for an hour a day. OK, maybe for three hours -- or five. At what point does this fascination become so compulsive that psychologists would call it an addiction?

Psychologist Kimberly S. Young, MD, PhD, founded the Center for On-Line Addiction (http://www.netaddiction.com) to help people with just this problem. She's identified eight key symptoms. Take a look at her list. If five or more apply, Young suggests you consider talking to a mental health professional about your Internet use.

  1. Preoccupation -- You think constantly about previous online activity or keep looking forward to the next online session. Some people crave time on the Internet the way a smoker craves a cigarette.

  2. Increased use -- You need to spend increasing amounts of time online to achieve satisfaction. A parent who's spending 50 hours a week in a chat room might neglect basic responsibilities such as doing laundry or making dinner for the kids.

  3. Inability to stop -- You can't cut back on your Internet use, even after several attempts. Some people can't stop visiting chat rooms while at the office, even though they know their bosses are monitoring the sites they visit.

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