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Susan Sarandon Defies Hollywood by Aging Gracefully and in Great Health, from WebMD the Magazine

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Reviewed By Charlotte Grayson

As she attempts to transform herself from her current movie role as a bride-to-be in Mr. Woodcock, co-starring Billy Bob Thornton, after just wrapping up another in Cameron Crowe's latest venture, Elizabethtown, one thing is clear: Susan Sarandon is too busy, and in too much demand, to give into the assumptions of age.

Her body seems to agree. In fact, after the 58-year-old Academy Award-winning actress underwent her first screening colonoscopy at age 50, her doctor likened her colon to a 22-year-old's. "To which I said, 'That's probably not the thing of a 22-year-old I'd want, if I had the choice,'" she tells WebMD.

Colon aside, this mother of three has a few other natural traits that many 22-year-olds would kill for -- and many 50-somethings spend top dollar on.

That's why Sarandon was recently tapped by Revlon Cosmetics to join Halle Berry and Julianne Moore in the cosmetic company's "extraordinary women" ad campaign. It wasn't the first time she had been approached, but it was the right time.

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