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Breast Cancer Survivors: Tips for Travel

Travel safe and smart after your bout with breast cancer is over

By Gina Shaw
WebMD Feature

Reviewed By Charlotte Grayson

Getting treated for breast cancer may have kept you from a long-planned anniversary trip or family holiday. You may have been too tired to travel, or your oncologist may have warned you that your immune system was too weakened to be exposed to the germs and recirculated air of a long plane flight. During radiation for breast cancer, the five-days-a-week treatment schedule probably prevented you from venturing too far from home.

Now that your breast cancer treatment is over, you may be eager to celebrate with a trip to visit family or a journey to a beautiful, relaxing resort or exotic city. What should you know to ensure a safe trip?

In general, being a breast cancer survivor shouldn't limit your travel plans. You'll want to check with your doctor if you have ongoing medical issues, such as if your immune system remains weakened after chemotherapy, for example. But breast cancer survivors climb mountains, hike the Grand Canyon, and visit all corners of the globe, and there's no reason you shouldn't be one of them.

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