Depression: Heading For an Election Meltdown? (cont.)

Invested Too Much Emotional Stock?

So how can you tell if you were too vested in this election?

Warning signs that perhaps you've invested too much emotional stock in this election include "feeling fatigued, stressed, despair with the news reports," points out Bedford, New Hampshire-based psychologist Pamela M. Brill, EdD. "For some, the physical signs of being too engaged include racing heart rate," she says. "When you get there, you can take that as a sign that it's time for a break, a literal breather."

So, "breathe [and] look for the roses -- the things over which you have control, then exert energy to turn those around," Brill says.

"Sour grapes, blaming the other party or candidate or their troops or the media -- waste of energy," Brill says. Find another pastime or passion, she suggests. "Go see those movies you missed while you were campaigning," she says. "Or rent a DVD and kick back with family and friends [because] letting go is much easier when we have other things to grab on to."

Published Nov. 2, 2004.

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