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The Pre-Baby Vacation

Your little prince or princess is due to arrive soon, meaning dirty diapers, sleepless nights, and oh, the joys of parenthood. But before baby comes forth into this world, you want one last taste of freedom with a vacation of your choosing -- it's called the babymoon.

By Heather Hatfield
WebMD Feature

Reviewed By Brunilda Nazario

The nursery is ready, you're stocked up on onesies, and you've got the market cornered on diapers. You are ready for baby to come -- well, almost. Before you pack your bag and get ready for your highly anticipated trip to the hospital, pack it for a babymoon, instead.

The babymoon is the new way to describe the pre-baby vacation, before you can use the word parent to describe yourself. It's your curtain call, your last hoorah, your encore. But whether its to Hawaii, Timbuktu, or a B&B around the corner, vacationing while with child calls for some extra consideration. Experts give WebMD traveling dos and don'ts for expectant moms.

Before You Go

Before you call the travel agent and book your trip, the first thing you should do is talk to your doctor, especially if you are in the third trimester.

"Be absolutely certain that there are no risk factors for premature pregnancy," says Thomas Ivester, MD, from the division of maternal fetal medicine at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. "I think the biggest risk is that you are far from home when you deliver."

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