Celebrity Diets: The Truth Behind the Secrets (cont.)

"Most celebrities are in pretty good physical shape and the average consumers look to that to see what they do to keep in such good shape and say 'they look good and I want to do what they do to look good,'" he says.

"In our country," Yeager cautions,"we should be careful of whose diet or eating recommendations we are following," he says. Instead of fad diets and gimmicks, "we need to focus on eating nutritious food in the proper amount at the right time."

And that includes actors and actresses. "Celebrities need guidance too and they need good information, support, and motivation," says Yeager.

Maybe even more so then their less-famous counterparts. "At any moment, their agent could call with a photo-op or they may have to do a reading and they always have to look a certain way or get to a certain look in a matter of weeks," he says. "The pressure to look perfect is always there."

Published July 19, 2004.

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