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Choosing A Doctor That's Right For Me

Dr. Melissa Stoppler, Editor of, discusses how to choose a doctor that's right for me.

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Listen now to Dr. Melissa Stoppler discuss How Do I Choose a Doctor That's Right For Me? (MP3 3:10min 1.46MB)

"A Medicinenet viewer asks, I have recently moved to a new area with my family, and I'm not sure how to find a new doctor, Dr. Stoppler, can you help me with some guidelines? Choosing a new physician can be difficult.  Most people start out by deciding what type of physician they are looking for.  Are you looking for a primary healthcare provider which means someone who will manage your overall care and will refer you to specialists when that's needed or do you do you want to look for a specialist right away..."

Listen to the entire audio segment of Choosing A Doctor That's Right For Me in this edition of / Checking Your Pulse/.

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