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Extreme Makeover: Coming to a Beach Near You

Summer is here and your local plastic surgeon has a few tricks to get you through.

By Denise Mann
WebMD Feature

Reviewed By Brunilda Nazario, MD

Every year as the weather warms up, men and women scurry to do whatever they can to look their very best on the beach. From low-carb diets and round-the-clock Pilates classes to butt and bicep implants, there are no limits to the lengths that people will go to, to create the makeover to look like Arnold, Britney, or Beyonce in the summer.

So when you notice the growing numbers of bodacious bods on the beach, there may be more to it than you realize, say leading plastic surgeons , aestheticians, podiatrists, and dermatologists.

Makeover Magic

Implants are creating muscle definition in both men and women and here's what is available to create the body you may have dreamed about.

Biceps. Next time a handsome man or pretty woman struts by you on the beach, makes a muscle and winks, think twice: Those round, ripped biceps could be fake! Beverly Hills, Calif., plastic surgeon Nikolas Chugay, DO, and others are doing more biceps implants as beach season 2004 approaches.

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