Teens Using Prescription and Over-the-Counter Drugs to Get High

How Do Kids Get Prescription Drugs?

When popping pills becomes a top priority, people often find new ways to get the drugs they want. Most Americans get their prescriptions filled at local or legitimate online pharmacies, but people who misuse and abuse prescription drugs look for other sources.

How do people get prescription drugs illegally?


Hundreds of online sources sell prescription drugs. Some are legitimate, but others fail to follow the law. For example, some Web sites sell medicine without a doctor's prescription. Almost anyone with a computer and a credit card can get a prescription filled online even if they never see a doctor. Just by surfing the Web, teens easily can discover online drug sellers and order medicines they've heard about.


People who are looking for prescription drugs may steal the drugs when visiting the homes of family members and friends. They also may raid the medicine cabinet at home, taking prescriptions that belong to other family members.


Teens may buy another youth's prescription medicine. For example, if a student is taking Ritalin®, he may find that his classmates are willing to pay money for his pills.

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