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Quick Breakfasts for Busy Families

Our dietitian offers tips and recipes for great breakfasts on the go.

By ElaineMagee,MPH, RD
WebMD Feature

Reviewed By CynthiaHaines,MD, MD on Thursday, October 21, 2004

Skipping breakfast is like starting on a long road trip with your fuel gauge almost on empty. You're bound to run out of gas halfway through your busy morning.

Yet as many as 37% of young adults do skip breakfast, according to one survey. Often for the wrong reasons: We're too busy. We're trying to watch our weight. We don't have time to make toast, much less eggs and bacon.

The truth is: breakfast is key to health and weight management. Eating a good breakfast actually helps you eat fewer calories over the course of the day, according to recent studies in the Journal of Nutrition and in Environmental Nutrition. The right breakfast foods -- those high in fiber and protein -- keep your energy up throughout the morning and stave off hunger for hours. The wrong foods -- sugary refined cereals and white breads -- may make you eat more for lunch than normal.

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